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Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

The wedding ring is more than just a piece of stunning metal; it symbolizes a bond of eternal love and unconditional companionship. So while it is an important part of your wedding ceremony, there is much more to it than that.

The wedding ring has been around since the days of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The ring is of course in the shape of a circle, and is the symbol of eternity not just for Egypt but for other ancient cultures as well. It has no beginning and no end, just like time. A beginning but no ending. The whole and space in the middle? This has a meaning too the space in the middle symbolizes a gateway or door to the rest of your lives as partners, taking on and conquering the unknown and opportunity as one.

Wedding bands really vary based on who you are as a couple, what style you're looking for, and what you really look forward to wearing for years to come. Don't choose a style based on what is just fashionable at the time, rather what you see yourself or your spouse wearing in the future. Choose a design you feel will stay with you all the rest of your days, and be sure to discuss with your partner what they want to wear or see you wear as well. Wedding bands, unlike the proposal and engagement ring, are usually chosen together as a couple; so enjoy that experience together, and wear it in good health!

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