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Simplicity is key, and sometimes the most beautiful. When choosing your wedding band, sometime you may wish to have your wedding band remain a smooth soft metal. Some couples choose this because of budget and price, others prefer it because then they get to match their spouse as most grooms opt for the plain band of smoother metal. Regardless of the reason, it's a great style and is a timeless design enjoyed by many couples of generations past and present.

A plain wedding band is a great option if you don't want to take away any " shine" from your engagement ring that's already on your finger. This is just an added token of metal to remind you of your eternal bond to one another. You can purchase this band in any of the metals-- gold (white or yellow), silver, platinum, and titanium. Many couples are going " vintage" so a copper brushed gold is an option, as well for a very original ring type.

Personalize this plain wedding band to make it special for you both as a couple. Some couples look to love stories within their families, using their family heirlooms or antique wedding bands to give to one another. This is a beautiful testament to your family and the love that other family members had for each other as it carries on to yours. Another way to customize it is to engrave a special message inside of the ring. This makes it original in it's own way, and makes a plain band ever-so-personal.

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