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Five Stone

The five stone wedding band is a beautiful choice for brides looking to have some extra flair alongside their engagement ring. Some grooms who want a little more of a regal look will choose to have a band with stones in it as well, but today we will discuss the options for a five stone wedding band for the bride.

Brides will want to have their five stone ring match up with the same shape as their wedding engagement, so it compliments it perfectly and makes it look like it was a purchased set however you can also purchase the engagement ring and wedding band as a set if you so choose.

The first design is the round five stone wedding band. The five stone round stone is more of a classic look of this type of style. It compliments a round set engagement ring-- one or multiple stoned engagement ring and is the most traditional style. The princess give stone is more modernized, and a popular stylish alternative to the traditional round cut stone. The bar set round five stone ring is very original as it has the precious metal raised up in-between each of the five gems. The ring can be set in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum and makes a lasting, original impression.

Lastly is the bar set princess five stone ring. Same qualities as the round bar set, but with the princess cut stones.

From these ring settings, you can choose whatever gems you wish to have places in these-- some alternate diamonds with gems, some brides choose all diamonds and others choose a contract from the engagement ring with all colored gems. This ring style really allows you to customize it to fit your personal style and if you wish, add color to your brilliant wedding ring set.

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