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Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are a beautiful style of wedding ring, symbolizing forever love, affection, and commitment. The circle of the ring as with all rings, symbolizes the commitment you both have made on your wedding day. What sets this ring apart is its options you have for the band and what is on the band. It's more than just the traditional wedding band that's plain, as this has other stones customized to the style and fit of the partnersí hand.

The two types of eternity rings are the full eternity ring and the half eternity ring. The stones set in the full eternity ring must be much smaller to be fitted into the entire ring, the carat amount is split into how many stones are set into this style and it does not just have to be diamonds, any jewels can fit into this setting. The second type of style, the half eternity ring is implied by its name; with stones only filling half of the ring and the other half the metal of your choice. The setting cut can change to fit your style and taste just as with any other ring (i.e. princess cut, round, oval, etc.) and the metal can match your style and engagement ring as well.

The difference between the two is just how much " sparkle" you wish to have and if you want the stones all around the ring. Many say that the half eternity ring is more comfortable to wear because they have the smooth metal on the inside of their hand with their gems displayed and showed off on the outside of their hand, thus more easy to wear and the gems all visible. Brides who want extra flair will opt for the eternity ring with more stones around the entire ring. It all depends on what you wish you have for years to come, yours and your groom's budget, and what you're looking to match up to your engagement ring.

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