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Mermaid Style Gowns

The mermaid dress is quickly becoming one of the most loved gown styles in the bridal world. When we thought about wedding gowns, we usually think of the big pouffy ballroom gown like a princess. Wedding fashion has evolved, and it has brought forth a fabulous design-- the mermaid.

The mermaid style wedding gown starts out at the top with a tapered waist and then tightens around the bride's waist, hugging the body and flaring out at the bottom. very much so like a ocean mythical mermaid, hence the fitting name for this fitting dress. The type of mermaid flare varies between how far from the hips to the bottom it flares out, but it is this design that brides love because of its ability to bring out and accentuate her curves.

You still have all of the variations of fabrics, colors, and styles within this type of dress. One might prefer lace to make this design more vintage and elegant, while another bride looking to make a regal entrance choose a satin mermaid gown. The bride with a lot of flair will find a mermaid gown with ruffles and roushing, a modern style that is extremely popular with young brides.

The necklines can vary on this dress as well-- one shoulder, strapless, both straps, or sweetheart neckline. Choose the best design for you based on your body type, your style, and the theme of your wedding (i.e. formal, informal, casual, destination, etc. )

The wedding fashion industry has come a long way and as such as created several styles that conform to the bride's shape and style. The sexiest? The mermaid style.

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