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Romantic Wedding Proposals

It doesn't matter how old you are, every girl loves to be romanced and be proposed to in the most romantic way possible. Every girl loves to be swept off their feet and have the most romantic story to tell their friends on how the love of their life asked them for forever.

Planning a romantic proposal takes a lot of thought and preparation. Sometimes it's a good idea to involve her best friends in the proposal so that they can help set it up, or video or photograph it so she can reflect after the moment. Figure out what you two would want as a couple and ask loved ones if needed while you prepare for the most important question you'll ever ask.

A great way to do a romantic proposal is to focus on the most pivotal or important memory you two share together. Perhaps it was the first night you met-- recreate the night you both met and remind her of all the reasons you fell for her, the things you two said, and what brought you to this moment. Going down " memory lane" at a familiar place, time, location always is so touching and memorable; it shows you hold onto these times, places, and memories just as much as she does.

Another proposal idea is to focus on one of her passions that she lives for and loves to share with you, and make that the focus of her proposal. If she's into dance, set up a romantic candle lit dinner in her dance studio where she practices. If she's a teacher, have her kids help you make signs or a proposal with sidewalk chalk asking her to marry you. Make it personal; focus on what she loves and intertwine that into the moment when you pop the question.

Many men think that romantic proposals are too complicated and hard to think of but they truly aren't. It's all about connecting with your bride to be on that level and thinking of what she loves and cherishes to make it a romantic evening she'll always remember. Keep her in mind throughout the whole process and it will be the most romantic proposal ever.

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