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Funny Wedding Proposals

Every guy loves a girl who can laugh, loosen up, and have fun. If your significant is one who loves to joke around, banter back and forth, and have a great time-- then maybe your proposal should be a bit more " light" and fun. Some girls look forward to the romantic proposal with roses, candles, and special music. Other girls just like a more casual fun proposal and that's just as memorable and exciting.

Some of the most loved "funny" types of proposals are a group effort. It takes a lot of planning and choreographing, but it's a fun time and something she'll always remember. Flash mobs and lip syncing or lip dub proposals are viral right now online and on television, and involved your friends, family, or a trained crowd rehearsing a song and dance to lead up to the climatic moment of you asking her for forever. These are always so original, fun, and such a good time. A proposal like this involves a lot of practice and rehearsal time to make sure you have it right, so be sure to schedule that or have someone coordinate accordingly.

Another funny proposal idea is anything in a sports setting. Many times at halftime sporting events have a " kiss cam" where they have couples kissing all over with goofy cartoons all over the screen showing the couple or they'll have the mascot urging the crowd to have people kiss on camera. Contact the sporting area ahead of time and see if they can arrange the "kiss cam" to be set on you longer than usual while you get down on one knee and ask her to marry you. She'll laugh, the crowd will laugh and smile with you too; and then cheer! It's a great way to get others involved and she'll feel like the center of the universe while laughing all the while.

If your girl is more quiet, then set a night in with a lot of laughs. Make a video or recorded skit of all the things you love about her in a funny way-- dress up, have your friends help with editing, make it originally and sure to make her laugh. Some women prefer to have a more private and personal proposal, and this is a great way to still have that fun and laughable proposal while still sharing it between the two of you.

It's great to have a life full of laughs; so starting your life together with a funny proposal is a great way to start your marriage on the right foot -- and giggle. She'll love it!

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