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Adventure Wedding Proposals

Every love story is an adventure-- every love story tells stories of happiness and sadness, turmoil and pure bliss, ups and downs. So what better way to propose than to stage the best adventurous proposal ever?

It takes a special girl to love a high adventure and heart racing good time, so plan this proposal strategically and ahead of time. Choose what type of adventurous theme you're planning on using for this proposal.

If she's into the great outdoors, perhaps plan a romantic camping trip with high adventure fun. Go mountain climbing, and at the top of your destination have music playing, and " Will you Marry Me" printed or written in the dirt, sand, or snow at the top. This idea is original and unique, as not many fiancees get to proclaim their love from a mountain!

If she's into the ocean or lake, plan a fun adventurous day on the water. Scuba diving or snorkeling is a great time for the two of you and underwater someone (or you) could be there to greet her when she takes the plunge under the sea and sees a sign saying ' Will you Marry Me?" with you on one knee in the water. What a story that would be to tell!

For the girl who loves flying high in the sky, plan a proposal that takes her to cloud 9. Skydiving together will create a lasting memory that might have your heart racing, but will be an exciting moment you'll remember forever. Asking her while skydiving down to the ground is definitely an adrenaline rush to start your life together. Prefer something a bit more safe? Rent a hot air balloon and ask her while you're safe in a secure basket, or turn her attention towards the sky as a banner pulls the words " Will you marry me" or it's drawn in the clouds via a private plane. You can find services for things such as these online or in the local directory; business owners who know you're planning a surprise like this will most likely be extremely helpful and cooperative, so ask around for the best businesses who could help pull this surprise off!

Planning such a special day like this takes time, effort, money, and a whole lot of love. If your girl loves high adventure, then these ideas are absolutely perfect for your special day together.

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