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To the Side Style

One of the most popular type of hairstyles the year for weddings is to the side. With so many options for this type of hairstyle, itís a great way to keep your options open and choose a style from this type of hair fashion.

A hairstyle thatís styled to the side is so elegant and can be created in various ways and styles. It allows the bride to have the hair lay on her desired side of the face, framing her face and favorite features perfectly and allowing the other side of the brideís face to be exposed, allowing the beauty of the wedding gown design, her makeup, accessories, etc to be on display.

This type of bridal hair is also very conducive to the style of wedding gowns with one shoulder or a halter top. This allows the bride to have her hair be a focal point for pictures, however also exposes her shoulders and facial beauty for the world to see. One of the most popular types of to-the-side bridal hairstyles this year are braids. An all around favorite? The fishtail braid. Itís a very natural and intricate braid that exposes the brideís highlights or natural colors in a neat pattern that your stylist can do for you.

Many brides worry that with a to-the-side hairstyle, their face will be too exposed and their face will be too ďopenĒ for pictures. To add extra flair with this style, consider adding side or swoop bangs, or blunt bangs to cover the forehead. Not willing to commit to bangs? We understand! Opt for some clip in bangs instead.

To-the-side bridal dos are more popular and versatile than ever, choose one that best fits your style and fashion and make It your own!

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