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Partial Up-Do Style

For the bride who wishes to not have a full up do but wishes to keep their locks off of their face on their special day, the bride and her stylist might look into the styles and hair fashions of the partial up-do. This type of up-do is great for the bride who doesn’t want the clean and tight look of an up do, while leaving some hair resting on the shoulders beyond, extending the bride’s beauty beyond the frame of her face.

Brides will enjoy this type of hairstyle because they’re able to have a lot more leniency and options to let the hair hang down around their neck or back. For brides with finer hair, it may be harder to hold tighter curls especially in humidity, so in this situation the bride would have bigger and gentler waves.

Accessorizing a half up-do is a great way to make the traditional partial hairstyle get set apart from the usual styles you see from wedding to wedding. Add a vintage pearl crown, real flowers, or a silk flower headband. If you have your hair colored, highlighted, or low-lighted this hairstyle is also a fantastic way to show off your dimension and volume in your coloring as it showcases your full head of hair.

The hair that is pulled up in a half up-do can be curled, waved, or straightened and put up as well. This type of hairstyles allows there to be two different types of styling on top and on bottom while keeping most of the hair off the face.

Partial up-dos are a style that is continually used during all wedding seasons, regardless of the theme of the wedding or how casual or formal it is. Allow the versatility of this hairstyle—curls, waves, accessories, etc. to bring out your bridal beauty in a way you wish to express it!

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