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Hair Down Style

With so many wedding styles to choose from—updos, half-dos, braids, weaves, and so many more it can be a difficult decision to choose the right hairstyle for your wedding day.

So why not let loose and have your hair down on your wedding day? If you’re not planning on being in a humid climate and needing to deal with a lot of frizz, then free flowing hair is a refreshing and very natural wedding hairstyle.

For the curly hair bride, you can either utilize your natural curls—regardless if they’re spring curls, wider wives or tight kinked curls. Use what you’ve been given and make your hair your signature of “natural you”. If your hair has a natural wave, utilize this by adding some ombre highlights and letting your hair be naturally styled. Add a scarf, fresh flowers, a vintage on the side, or scattered highlights or lowlights will add some flair to your natural hair while still letting it all lose.

Sometimes our hair doesn’t grow as fast we’d like it too or in time for a special occasion such as our wedding day. Future brides might look into having hair extensions for their wedding day. Because this is such a momentous event, be sure to budget for a professional to handle the extensions so that they look clean and stay in! Hair extension prices vary depending on what type and how long you’d like them. They’re a great way to add additional volume and length and can continue to be worn long after the wedding.

Having your hair loose and free flowing also means that all of your luscious locks will be shown off on your big day! Start three to six months prior by conditioning it properly and having regular hair trims every six to eight weeks.

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