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A solitaire engagement ring is just what is described by its nameóitís a ring with a single stone (usually this is always a diamond) mounted in a setting without side or accent stones. Itís a single stone that deserves all of the attention, just like your bride to be.

The diamond in a solitaire engagement ring can be any shape, and the setting can be any style itís just the solid single stone alone that is why this name is given to the style.

One might think that simplicity is keyónot true at all. Just because thereís one stone, this doesn't mean that a solitaire engagement ring is plain; on the contrary, its simplicity focuses attention on the diamond, and a unique setting can make a solitaire engagement ring especially striking. Many women opt for this because of its singularity which causes to draw more attention on the single stone whereas other rings have many gems thus not allowing admirers to focus on one large stone. Itís a classic style that works well with any style bride or shaped finger.

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