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Precious Gemstone

Whatís a world without colors? Some brides donít ever want to go traditionalóthey just wish to make a statement and stand out amongst the crowd with something new and original and different. When one searches for an engagement ring, they envision a style weíve all seen before. What they donít always realize is that an engagement ring can really be any style, and shape, any size, and most certainly any color. Gemstone engagement rings add a brilliant splash of color and allow more individual expression then ever before.

The bride-to-beís style will of course vary and depend on her own personal everyday fashion. Figure out if you (or your bride to be) like the classic styleósolid and predictable. Perhaps itís the elegant style that will always remain feminine and classic. Bold run with the style and pace of the world, contemporary enjoys some aspects of modern but also balances with that of a classic look. Timeless is more of a classic vintage look that as is in itís name, never goes out of style. There are so many precious gemstone combinations, styles, and shades; it can be overwhelming to find the right style. Be sure to always take in the personal style when choosing a unique ring such as this. When selecting colored gemstone jewelry, the color is generally what will attract you initially, but it is good to consider the styling of the piece as well. What gemstone is right for you? Does the color compliment the colors of your wardrobe?

Some guidelines and things to consider for a ring such as a gemstone or fancy gem cut:

What tones do you aim to wear (or your bride to be)? Are they earthy, more modern and bold (black, red, white?) or elegant pastels? Are you comfortable in the hot shades that are fleeting each season but oh-so-stylish when they come, and then when they go.

As stated previously, this ring is a very unique style and shape so it is so important to carefully select this ring knowing the personality and everyday style that coincides with such a dramatic and unusual ring choice. Youíll definitely feel original and unique with any previous gem engagement ring or fancy gemstone ring.

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