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Micro Pave

This is a type of ring we don’t hear about all too often. It’s more of a rare style but an engagement ring style that is intricate and delicate just the same. Many brides and men looking to purchase a wedding ring for their bride-to –be do not realize how often this setting is misunderstood.

The pavé ring literally means that the tiny diamonds all around the band and leading the way to the center the diamond are truly “paving” the way for this ring. This is not the same thing as having a couple stones on each side of the ring, but a long strain of tiny diamonds or gemstones leading to the setting and center stones. This is a very delicately made ring by hand with a lot of complicated settings, creation, and involves extra care. It’s more of a rare style, but even the most rare things need some extra care and consideration.

It is not uncommon for professional cleaning methods dislodge micro pavé set stones. That said, well-made micro pavé, if carefully worn and well cared for (this includes taking into jeweler within the designated care or warranty, it can give many years of problem free wear.

This ring is very unique and intricate and deserves to be put on the finger of a very special and unique bride to be.

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