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Fancy Color

For every one in ten thousand diamonds, only one possess a natural color which i referred to as a fancy colored diamond. Because of this, these types of diamonds on an engagement ring are among the rarest and are purchased exclusively for the intensity and vividly of the diamond's color. Additionally to the standards 4Cís, fancy color diamonds value and look determined by their hue, Intensity and saturation.

You can recognize a diamond such as this with the natural, yellow tint to a diamond such as this on an engagement ring. They are usually very multifaceted but have various shades of a "yellow" which is their rare natural color. Fancy color diamond comes in huge range of pink, yellow, green, orange, purple, blue, red, grey, black or brown.

Even though this diamonds are what we would call "diamonds in the rough" they are available in all shapes. However, unlike white color diamonds that their most popular shapes are round and princess, fancy color diamonds are more popular to come as radiant, cushion, oval, and pear.

These rings are exclusively sold at higher prices, however the rarity and uniqueness of a ring and diamond such as this is one highly sought after by the elite of the elite, and those that choose to live in the ultimate luxury.

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