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Natural Makeup

Ask any makeup professional or stylist and they'll tell you that if you're looking for an elegant, stunning look for makeup regardless of what season your wedding day is, natural is the way to go.

There is a timeless elegance about going " au natural" with your beauty palette that enhances your beauty yet not taking anything away from it with the makeup used, but only stunningly accenting it. This look is also great for darker skin tones looking to do something that compliments them well, as it allows you to accentuate your dark facial features that you already have but also playing up your white or off white dress. The key here is to find the correct foundation colors so that you don't look too washed out or too bronze and then adding to that makeup palette.

Your eyes should be using a light black or dark brown to outline and for eyeliner. Fill this in gently with a thin shading to make it look more " smokey" while still natural. Finish with a mauve or skin done eyeshadow and just 1-2 colors darker for a quick pop of differentiating color on your eyelids. Blend in the skin tone shadow and the darker shadow gently, and finish with a dark brown or light black mascara.

Your blush should be either a faint pink or a light bronzer depending on your skin tone. Either color works well with darker colors, however paler skin tones should stick to the light pink to blend in with their natural colors.

Lastly, make sure your lipstick remains more of a neutral, natural color as well. Paler pinks and deep mauves create a natural blending that gently accents all of your gorgeous facial features on your wedding day.

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