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Go Dramatic

Many brides choose to go more dramatic with their makeup choices to make a statement, set themselves apart from their wedding party and also so that their facial features can be shown bodily in wedding pictures. The right time of drama and accent depends on a couple factors:

- Face shape. Pick the colors that best suit your face shape, eye shape, and eyebrow shape.

- Skin Tone. The colors you choose depend very strongly on what type of skin tone you have and what color. For instance, a woman with a darker skin tone would not want the blues that would accent a paler, more fair skin bride. Make sure you consult with your stylist or friends before choosing a makeup color palette when trying to compliment your skin color.

- Personal Style. One wouldn't want to have a dainty, simple wedding gown and wedding with dark makeup and heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow to pair up with your style. Be sure to make sure the makeup properly compliments your bridal style so it looks natural and put together.

Regardless of your face shape, tone, or style, be sure to accent those eyes if looking to go dramatic and glam. Accent your eyes and eyebrows with a bold color, such as a deep plum or intense mauve eyeshadow and a pink lipstick to accent your features, while adding dramatic flair to around your eyes with a black eyeliner (preferably black or deep brown) and mascara that's designed to add some volume and drama to your lashes.

Lastly, a celeb makeup tip: having your hair up allows your makeup and features to be dramatically accentuated, and adds a bold look to your face and makeup palette.

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