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Open Toes Shoes

For an elegant choice on your wedding day, look into the beautiful style and fashion of the open toed heel. Brides of all seasoned weddings loved this look, and if looking to match your bridesmaids-- this one is a winner as well. It's an elegant style, showing just a hint of "skin" and is usually very comfortable to wear. Choose from a variety of heights of heels, and choose them in nearly any color you'd like.

Brides with foot issues such as bunions, blisters, or feet pain may opt to not wear an open toes shoe. The tip of the shoe is usually designed in a tapered manner and as such brides with foot problems may not want to try this type of shoe as it can provide some discomfort. If you do not suffer from foot issues, then wedding fashionistas around the world encourage you to adorn a shoe such as this!

Top designers from around the world have designed shoes with the open toe in mine. A well loved designer who reintroduced this wedding shoe design is that of Kate Spade, originating in New York City, New York but her styles have spread like wildfire all over the world. Her " Bride to Be" shoe collection includes shoes of all styles, shapes, and colors but her most popular is that of the open toed collection. This brings forth more of the vintage style that is becoming more and more popular, and offers it in the colors of white, ivory, and blue.

Having a blue show may leave some in confusion, but a shoe in this style and shape is being manufactured in various shades of blue to tie in the classic and traditional " Something borrowed, something blue" bridal tagline that brides wish to include on their special day. Buy a pair of open toes shoes in a shade of blue so you have your ' something blue" or try a fun idea of embellishing the bottom of your open toes heels with " I Do" or "Marry me" in blue writing, ink, or rhinestones.

Open Toes heels are a fabulous finishing touch to your bridal wardrobe; they're elegant, fashionable, and a classic look adored by the past and loved by the present.

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