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The saying goes that the devil is in the details, but are details really all that difficult to choose? As a bride, it's your day to make sure that every part of your wardrobe and body is made to feel beautiful, special, and put together. Why shouldn't accessories, jewelry, and all of the little 'extras' not be included in this?

Brides usually choose their necklaces based on the neckline of their dress, how much glitz and glam is on the top of the dress or along the neckline depending on if it's strapless, one strap, or both strap. It's important to choose a necklace that isn't too loud and gaudy as to not take away from your bridal beauty; both naturally and also from the beauty that stems from your gorgeous wedding gown. Choose a necklace that matches well with your gown and the style of your bridal party. For instance, one wouldn't want to choose a necklace with bold colors if your wedding colors and theme are pastels! Try and match the beading or design of your gown with that of your wedding jewelry to make it a perfect fit.

Continue this trend from your neck down to your wrists! Pick a bracelet, fashion watch, or a bunch of bangles (several thinner bracelets) to add some extra shine, sparkle, or color! These bracelets look great with the white dress and add an extra fun focal point during wedding photos. Feeling the bracelet love? Get bracelets or bangles for every lady in your bridal party!

If your search for bridal jewelry isn't coming up with any "winners", consider looking through family antiques or heirlooms that would complete your bridal beauty look. Your family (or your fiance's' family) will love to share a piece of the family history with you, and it will be a more memorable addition to your bridal accessory ensemble on your special day.

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