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When Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) strolled out of hew New York City Penthouse apartment on her wedding day to Big with a "Bird On Her Head", fashionistas and Sex and the City fans wondered what on earth she was wearing on her wedding day. The answer? A fabulous jewel colored feather headpiece designed for a queen; well, the queen of fashion that is.

Over the past couple years brides have been experimenting with various types of hairpieces that best fit their wedding theme, style, and the bride's dress and accessories. Some brides might not be as bold as Sarah Jessica Parker to sport a feathered hair piece, but there are plenty of other options to use as an added accessory on your wedding day.

Floral themed head accessories are a popular choice for brides everywhere. One may choose to place a large petaled flower on the side of their hair while other brides may opt for a headpiece with tinier flowers for a daintier look. Floral headpieces were a popular favorite during the previous fashionable eras-- so with vintage back and better than ever, it's no wonder that this is such a loved and popular favorite.

For brides on a budget and pinching pennies, you can make your own headpiece for your wedding day very easily. Search inspirations online on blogs and social media bridal networks (places such as Pinterest!) for DIY (Do It Yourself) and how-to guides on how to create elegant headpiece for a fraction of the price. You'll find step to step guides on any sort of headpiece and the materials needed to make it. Don't have time for a project like this? Check out they have vendors who are crafty fashionistas with low-priced headpieces already made for your wedding day!

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