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The headband is an accessory any fashionable woman wears with nearly any sort of outfit. So, why not choose this accessory when deciding on your amazing wedding wardrobe? There are so many different styles and types to choose from, it's no wonder why this is one of the most popular hair accessories.

Wedding headbands and tiara head pieces give you another chance to express your originality, personal style, and flair at your wedding. If you're deciding between a headband or tiara, keep in mind that a headband is more casual while a tiara is reserved for a more formal wedding. Keep this in mind when choosing the hairstyle to pair along with this hair accessory, too! Headbands can be worn with more of a messy, boho chic look with hair loosely pinned up around it, while a tiara is primary used to style undos with tighter curls or a more set style.

Can't decide between a headband piece or a tiara? There are plenty of designs that combine both styles, in a headband with crystals and designs similar to that of a tiara. This is great if your dress really doesn't match well with the "princess" effect of the tiara but you will want some sparkle and shine!

Be sure to bring your headband to your stylist when you do your trial run of your hair style so she can make sure it fit well with the desired hairstyle you and your stylist are looking to work with. Adding a headband is a great way to make a statement with a traditional bride updo, so wear it well!

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