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Wedding earrings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, metals, and styles. Bridal earrings should reflect the overall theme of your wedding and your personal style, as previously outlined with other parts of your wedding wardrobe. The wedding earrings you do decide on should compliment the other accessories you've chosen thus far-- but where to begin?

Drop earrings are a common choice among brides. There is usually a large gemstone or shape that hangs from the start of the earring. This elongates the bride's face with this type of design as they hang in a straight line from the tip of the base to the bottom of the earring. An elegant and regal choice for the formal bride.

Hoop earrings have hundreds of possibilities-- they can be oval, rectangular, round, or just have basic, tinier circle design running through the ear piercing. You can choose to have beads or gems hanging from the hoops, or just let the metal the hoop is made from make it's statement itself.

Stud earrings are fairly basic and classic. Ivanka Trump's, young heiress and fashion designer's bridal line of earrings consist of various stud designs-- elegant but simple. These just have a stud of metal (gold, silver, etc) or a gem that is anchored to the post that is put into the earring hole. A great choice for a bride with a more dainty, fairer face.

Chandelier earrings are a popular choice and are very visually appealing. They suit brides regardless of their neckline or face shape as they offer a classy yet glamorous design that ties into the dress and other accessories.

With a day as special and memorable as this, every detail must be tended to. We've covered the various accessories brides usually love to have on their wedding day, and the final touch-- bridal earrings.

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