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Classic Makeup

Many brides wish to stick to simple, classic and clean in all aspects of their personal wedding style. There is a very universal makeup style that is used throughout the different wedding seasons and wedding styles or themes. It's the classic look, and it is achieved very easily and simply. Be sure to discuss with your stylist and makeup artists for different variations of this makeup palette.

Classic red lips are the main makeup trick here in this classic makeup palette. Red lips really compliment all skin tones, face types, and weddings thus making this a very distinctive feature when trying to do classic makeup styling. The red lipstick is simple, classic, yet sexy and works well with a vintage wedding ( very popular decades before!), a more formal gala, or even a modern wedding as it is a very bold and fun statement for a woman. Great brands to check out of red lipstick are Clinique and Laura Mercier.

Blush is another part of the makeup palette that is very important in achieving this look. Choose a blush that compliments your skin tone and face shape best. Choose the brighter pinks for a bride with deep dark skin, the reds or mauve for a fairer skin bride, and the light peaches for an olive skin toned bride. Many brides make the mistake to apply this blush in a circular motion, thus leaving them with " apple blushes" or dramatic circles on their cheeks. Instead of this, apply the makeup with you blush from your cheek bones up in a diagonal line, or part of a "V" this will look a lot more natural and compliment you wonderfully. NARS is a fanatic blush to look into, as they have nearly every color in high quality makeup.

Lastly, in this style the eyes take the "back seat" in your makeup palette. Choose natural looking mascara and eyeliner to highlight the eyes in a delicate and feminine fashion; the other facial features will accent the eyes nicely, thus creating this very simple yet clean look for the " Classic" modern day bride.

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